Monday, 15 November 2010

Tan, Claws, Extensions. Liverpudlian Art?

The only place where girls brazenly walk the high street in curlers & consider themselves the 'cheapest dates in the UK' (

If 'people-watching' is to be my favourite past time, Liverpool has to be my guilty-city secret to indulge. No disappointment met. Especially as yesterday was Rememberance Day. Alive with memorial parades; regimented marching was mirrored by disorderly tottering. The smartest of red uniformed matched by the red of a multitude of wind-whipped flesh on show. Boots polished to perfection, the antithesis to the scruffy tide marks of tan and foundation.

Stereotyping jibe over (I note only as I saw)

I took the day to visit my little (over six foot) brother. &allow him to accompany me to the Walker Art Gallery.

On arrival I was suprised to find the recent Converse advertising campaign featuring British music sensations; Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon and Joe Goddard amongst many. I particularly enjoyed the vibe of the collaboration and subsequent visuals but feel that they were more suited to London Tubes than an abandoned car-park that let me park all day for £4.

Still on crutches, it took me an ice-age to get to the gallery, still, heckled by homeless hotties could not bring my jubilant mood (at being outside) down.

I had a sumptuous few hours; a blast from my educational past took me to Ancient Greece (Classical Civilization was my preferred lesson); Mycenaean art and remnants of the Parthenon (I think). To my mothers favourite subject explored in depth; tea. We left her there with her coo-ing echoing. &then I saw the spectacular 'Dare to Wear' exhibition by Diana Dias-Leão . Exquisite sculpture executed with a fashion flair. Inspired by the belief that lack of body confidence relates to eating disorders and body issues the artist wanted to convey the message that: “Even though the image is glittering, it is the person inside who is priceless”.

The presence the pieces had was extraordinary, despite having a small area allocated. As my boyfriend had conveniently 'borrowed'(/lost) my camera charger I, sadly could take no snaps.

This was my favourite of the 15. Sadly I couldn't get a more detailed visual, the roses & brown wire were so intricate, so mesmerising, as it was a corset with suspender straps I had hallucinations of Dita Von Teese being enrobed in such a beauty.

My accomplaces chose the following as their number one stupendous glass-sculpture pick;

An escapism vibe being in the reflection of them. &on closer research it seems Dias-Leáo has some celebrity fans including the notoriously daringdesign-diva Lady Ga-Ga (makes sense in hindsight).

I by-passed the traditional (dreary) paintings (think parts of National Art Gallery) to dive into the John Moores Painting Prize. From the past winners to the current contenders it was a cocktail of adoration, confusion and perplexed dispositions.

My top past winner is the 'Super Star Fucker Andy Warhol Text Painting' by Peter Davies. Scooping the prize in 2002.

This years contenders are, well, a mixed bag. Some are breathtaking, whereas some are (for want of a better word) horrendous (cough 'Big Plane' by Han Feng). I placed my visitor vote(s) for the following;

'Protest' by Nicholas Middleton
'Suspended Animation' by Michel Miller
'Industrialist on Wheels' by Geraldine Swayne

Roll on January to find out if I had any influence at all.

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