Monday, 22 November 2010


When I learnt of Acne's 'Art T-shirt project' I thought I'd revisit and refresh my awareness of the (oddly-named) cool as a cucumber brand.

Flicking through images from the papers & online biographies, it hit me. I'd only flipping sat next to Jonny Johansson a few months ago on the train to London. I knew I'd recognised the delectable Creative Director.

"The project sees an artist (including the name to watch; Stefan Bruggemann) create a T-shirt for the foundation - set up in collaboration with former model and fashion editor Laura Burlington - which will then be sold to fund up to five emerging artists' first monograph." (Vogue)

Broken into two parts, the launch was double the usual pazazz. Fortunate enough to have attened an Acne affair I know too well how outlandishly opulent the atmosphere can be. A themed second half had a SUPER title; “Fantasia Fiesta Flamenco”, a celebration of the collaboration in association with Candy Magazine and the transvestite trangender and cross dressing collection.

How I wish I'd have gone, especially with Jodie Harsh (such a darling), Jonathan Saunders and Jonny Woo. Too cool to comprehend.

Trailing Acne's recent shirt range made with the idea of positively re-defining gender. Luis Venegas Editor in Chief of Candy Magazine and Acne creatively collaborated to produce a collection of gender-genius.

He said; ‘Talking about the specific pieces we’ve created together, I knew from the very beginning I wanted to play with the idea of adding feminine details to a classic denim shirt. I didn’t want the shirts to become “unisex”, in fact I wanted exactly the opposite. I wanted pieces that create a bit of gender confusion... Instead of the unisex statement “For men and women”, I tried to make people feel like “Is this for men or for women?” The idea was creating something like tranny shirts for everybody.’

The fashion inspiration was “the idea of a classic western shirt, but playing with detail and proportion, the end result is a fun take on masculine versus feminine”.

Note to self; when you recognise someone, just ... do something. Anything. Just do it. Especially when those concerned adorably fathom a new word 'Swinglish'; a Sweedish man who speaks broken English. (!)

Available at Acne Studios & Dover Street market for £150

Post Script. The new Cornflake advert, Kellogs have outdone themselves again, continual collection of astonishing, heart warming adverts. Love at first crunch.

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