Thursday, 4 November 2010

I know what you wrote last summer ...

& now you're apologising that you've not written in 'a long time'

Complete snore fest.

If there were a Blogger Bible (or 'Rites of Writing') Commandments list, I would most definitely plump for this sentence (and close variations) to be perma-banned from blogs;

"I've been super busy darlings, sorry I've not written
in like aaaaages"

I'm cranky.

Only five days left til am released from this plaster of paris prison.

According to IFB Network there were over 135,000 posts about the H&M &Lanvin collaboration. I wouldn't tread on all those toes, yet have thoroughly enjoyed sifting through them.

Still, a visual won't harm ...


  1. Can't wait to see the Lanvin H&M collection!!!

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  2. I've been so guilty of the "I've been super busy" line at times, but know what you mean.