Monday, 8 November 2010

Hermit Observations.

I'm released on bail tomorrow from my plaster-cast prison.

I've been an absolute tyrant. My mood has featured a murky collage of cranky, snappy and agoraphobic tendencies. I cannot wait to frolic (albeit slowly)& not rely on the kind souls who've been wheeling me around (&occasionally into the paths of buses and bikes). No longer shall I be a hermit. The solitary life is not my cup of tea.

Still my little 6 week hermit hiccup has given me a great opportunity to indulge in my favourite past times; style, procrastination, reading and discovering.

My virtual discovery of today is Girly Doodles. What a lovely blog. The illustrations stand up on their own, without the need for explanations or even a few words. Emotive, witty and bold. Simple & chic with a twist of smut.

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  1. Thanks for dropping in to the doodle hut, and more importantly thanks for reposting with credit. Always happy to entertain.