Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Toiling at Hobbs today I attempted to convert an avid suede desert-boot fan to convert to the patent leather dark side of d-boots.


The silver lining was her husband. At around 70, he perked up on viewing the patent leather &uttered his first&only sentence of his 35 minute visit; 'this material was banned in convents, guess why?' I shrug 'you could see the young ladies bloomers in the reflection, broke my heart when the nuns realised' followed by an animated laugh (think Frank Bruno).

Who'd have thought a simple (but bloody gorgeous) pair of boots would stir such emotion in a pensioner ...

PS. 25% off all full priced stock until Thursday.

Monday, 22 November 2010


When I learnt of Acne's 'Art T-shirt project' I thought I'd revisit and refresh my awareness of the (oddly-named) cool as a cucumber brand.

Flicking through images from the papers & online biographies, it hit me. I'd only flipping sat next to Jonny Johansson a few months ago on the train to London. I knew I'd recognised the delectable Creative Director.

"The project sees an artist (including the name to watch; Stefan Bruggemann) create a T-shirt for the foundation - set up in collaboration with former model and fashion editor Laura Burlington - which will then be sold to fund up to five emerging artists' first monograph." (Vogue)

Broken into two parts, the launch was double the usual pazazz. Fortunate enough to have attened an Acne affair I know too well how outlandishly opulent the atmosphere can be. A themed second half had a SUPER title; “Fantasia Fiesta Flamenco”, a celebration of the collaboration in association with Candy Magazine and the transvestite trangender and cross dressing collection.

How I wish I'd have gone, especially with Jodie Harsh (such a darling), Jonathan Saunders and Jonny Woo. Too cool to comprehend.

Trailing Acne's recent shirt range made with the idea of positively re-defining gender. Luis Venegas Editor in Chief of Candy Magazine and Acne creatively collaborated to produce a collection of gender-genius.

He said; ‘Talking about the specific pieces we’ve created together, I knew from the very beginning I wanted to play with the idea of adding feminine details to a classic denim shirt. I didn’t want the shirts to become “unisex”, in fact I wanted exactly the opposite. I wanted pieces that create a bit of gender confusion... Instead of the unisex statement “For men and women”, I tried to make people feel like “Is this for men or for women?” The idea was creating something like tranny shirts for everybody.’

The fashion inspiration was “the idea of a classic western shirt, but playing with detail and proportion, the end result is a fun take on masculine versus feminine”.

Note to self; when you recognise someone, just ... do something. Anything. Just do it. Especially when those concerned adorably fathom a new word 'Swinglish'; a Sweedish man who speaks broken English. (!)

Available at Acne Studios & Dover Street market for £150

Post Script. The new Cornflake advert, Kellogs have outdone themselves again, continual collection of astonishing, heart warming adverts. Love at first crunch.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Frizz. The ONLY Time it's Acceptable.

Frizz Records that is.

Last night at Night&Day (Manchester).

Acoustic, arousing, &a damn shame not many people were in attendance.

From politically motivated tunes to delightful lyrics such as 'can't get no pussy' repeated around 25 times in one tune, dedicated to L.A pimps.

The atmosphere was simply effortlessly cool, there's no two ways about it. Despite each act being quite different aesthetically, there was a synergy in the temperament.

I URGE people to make it to the last few dates.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Tan, Claws, Extensions. Liverpudlian Art?

The only place where girls brazenly walk the high street in curlers & consider themselves the 'cheapest dates in the UK' (

If 'people-watching' is to be my favourite past time, Liverpool has to be my guilty-city secret to indulge. No disappointment met. Especially as yesterday was Rememberance Day. Alive with memorial parades; regimented marching was mirrored by disorderly tottering. The smartest of red uniformed matched by the red of a multitude of wind-whipped flesh on show. Boots polished to perfection, the antithesis to the scruffy tide marks of tan and foundation.

Stereotyping jibe over (I note only as I saw)

I took the day to visit my little (over six foot) brother. &allow him to accompany me to the Walker Art Gallery.

On arrival I was suprised to find the recent Converse advertising campaign featuring British music sensations; Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon and Joe Goddard amongst many. I particularly enjoyed the vibe of the collaboration and subsequent visuals but feel that they were more suited to London Tubes than an abandoned car-park that let me park all day for £4.

Still on crutches, it took me an ice-age to get to the gallery, still, heckled by homeless hotties could not bring my jubilant mood (at being outside) down.

I had a sumptuous few hours; a blast from my educational past took me to Ancient Greece (Classical Civilization was my preferred lesson); Mycenaean art and remnants of the Parthenon (I think). To my mothers favourite subject explored in depth; tea. We left her there with her coo-ing echoing. &then I saw the spectacular 'Dare to Wear' exhibition by Diana Dias-Leão . Exquisite sculpture executed with a fashion flair. Inspired by the belief that lack of body confidence relates to eating disorders and body issues the artist wanted to convey the message that: “Even though the image is glittering, it is the person inside who is priceless”.

The presence the pieces had was extraordinary, despite having a small area allocated. As my boyfriend had conveniently 'borrowed'(/lost) my camera charger I, sadly could take no snaps.

This was my favourite of the 15. Sadly I couldn't get a more detailed visual, the roses & brown wire were so intricate, so mesmerising, as it was a corset with suspender straps I had hallucinations of Dita Von Teese being enrobed in such a beauty.

My accomplaces chose the following as their number one stupendous glass-sculpture pick;

An escapism vibe being in the reflection of them. &on closer research it seems Dias-Leáo has some celebrity fans including the notoriously daringdesign-diva Lady Ga-Ga (makes sense in hindsight).

I by-passed the traditional (dreary) paintings (think parts of National Art Gallery) to dive into the John Moores Painting Prize. From the past winners to the current contenders it was a cocktail of adoration, confusion and perplexed dispositions.

My top past winner is the 'Super Star Fucker Andy Warhol Text Painting' by Peter Davies. Scooping the prize in 2002.

This years contenders are, well, a mixed bag. Some are breathtaking, whereas some are (for want of a better word) horrendous (cough 'Big Plane' by Han Feng). I placed my visitor vote(s) for the following;

'Protest' by Nicholas Middleton
'Suspended Animation' by Michel Miller
'Industrialist on Wheels' by Geraldine Swayne

Roll on January to find out if I had any influence at all.

Political P(r)imp.

When you conceive that you're a politician whilst sleeping it can be somewhat disturbing.

When you're having a spa day with Dilma Rousseff, Sarah Palin, Maggie Thatcher, Sam-Cam & Toireasa Ferris, well, it's just plain bizarre.

Still, whilst during my morning Polyvore (should probably change that for Pilates) I wondered what I'd wear if it weren't an illusion& I had to dress the part ...

Political P(r)imp

$130 -

$15 -

I could totally whip their bureaucratic bottoms.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Manchester has the Department Store-Factor.

Albert Square. 20 thousand people. Screaming Coronation Street fans. Wheeler-dealer tacky super sized glow stick sellers. More fireworks than you care to imagine.

The festive flurry was marked last night in style as 2009 X-Factor winner, Joe Mcelderry, lit up Manchester's town hall.

With a host of Mancunian celebrities (there are some) the throng was treated to performances from the Drifters and Mcelderry, banter form Corries creme de la creme; Chesney (Sam Aston), Antony Cotton (Sean Tully) and formerBoyzone member Keith Duffy (I preferred Shane), dotted with blasts from the past; former Hear'Say member Noel Sullivan and 'Britain's Got Talent' finalistLiam McNally, held together with Key 103's radio presenters.

The fireworks were breath taking. There's something justso dreamy about them. Transfixing, emotive and fierce. It evoked a memory of the turn of the Millenium. Aged 12, the highlights of my evening were dancing to Ricky Martin's 'Livin la Vida Loca' and waiting for the firework display which showcased a sparkle sensation that spelt '2000'. The latter was a total let down but the magic hadn't been tarnished.

A triple celebration for Manchester; as Kendals celebrated 175 years of trading. Officially the oldest department store, worldwide. Major. AND Coronation Street is turning 50 ... words escape me.

I've not seen as many hats with ears since my first winter term at school.

I want one ... I really do, but with so many tacky variations, I'd feel like I were investing in some horrendous Ugg imitators.

Other than that, over the knee boots and capes were the order of the evening. I approved& almost felt a tad last year in my Camel woolen trench. I'll remain clutching my bank card (reluctantly) til 23rd, LANVIN TIME.

Note, applause given when due; ever the environmentally committed Manchester City Council installed energy-saving lights across the city centre. Green is the new harsh yellow?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The UK Film Council Kills Bees. Fact.

Sorry Will Massa, you gave me the ammo for this blog post.

Hopped down to 'Kino Shorts 12' at Manchesters Green Room last night. Was treated to a powerful showcase of the finest talent in short films from the North, celebrating the independent film scene defiantly.
Having never been to Green Room I instantly regretted this fact on seeing the throng of talent (& Iam including eye candy). The venue is actually two converted Victorian railway arches beneath Oxford Road Railway station &notes that it's mission since 1983 has been to 'develop and present local, national and international performance' (applause)

'We encourage participants to be creative, and provide expertise, space and resources for discovery learning and expression' (send them a national prize for goodness sake!)

Naturally there was an undertone of pretentiousness, especially as the first half were those films selected and funded by Virgin and Media. It's a superb scheme, set up to fully support the growth of the North West's digital and creative industries, but there was an insinuation that the films in the second half were of a lower calibre and class, demonstrated by only 1/4 of the original audience turning up to watch the second half (too busy networking& congratulating themselves at being 'bloody fabulous darling').

Still, the set list was bang on the money.

8 films, each followed by a Q&A with those involved (directors, producers etc)

They all had an element of impact, some stronger than others.

First half.
My Lad
Bus baby
Into the Woods
The Hive (this was kept a secret til the evening, noted as a '
Top Secret Premiere')

Second half.
Dirty Egg
About a Blue
The Bag Lady

Ranging between 1 minute 30 seconds and 15 minutes, it was like a selection box - some you enjoyed but wouldn't really want to see again, others have
that taste you can't get out of your mind & some were fresh, new but you couldn't put your finger on why you liked it so much.

Top 3

'After two years of visiting his favourite cafe, will Joe end up in a pickle when he finally asks the gorgeous waitress on a date?'

A situation we've all seen before; someone likes someone who they see every day, they become infatuated and shy, a shadow of their usual self. Attempting to build up courage to speak in coherent sentences which immediately deflate on actual contact. Waitress played by Waterloo Actress Linzey Cocker. Shot snappily and quite brilliantly.

Dirty Egg
'Egg isn't happy. The bus is late again, and everyone in the wold is an annoying, disgusting, scary wierdo. Well, almost everyone ...'

With a budget of £800 it starred 3 cast of This is England 1986; Thomas Turgoose, Perry Fitzpatrick and Chanel Cresswell. Set predominantly on a bus it was a mirror of, again, what we've all come across. Crowded buses, consistently late, odd-bods all over the show and blaring music of a ridiculous calibre. Apparently based on a true diary. I love my friends dearly, but I'm not quite sure their lives could be translated into a notable film.

Director (Patrick Coyle) and Will Massa at the Q&A
The Hive
A bee rustler and his younger brother attempt to steal hives from a desolate farm. Successfully doing so, they depart rapidly, yet the younger of the two has been stung. An allergic reaction washes over him, leaving the elder fearing for his life. Returning to the farm, he seeks help.

I'll save the twist until it hits the festivals, but it was powerful, arresting and completely captivating. The whoops and hollers at the credits were heart warming.

Despite not making my top three, 'About a Blue' stood out; 'under every cloud there's a silver lining ... and blue it shines ... A dream turns reality for one true blue as his football dream comes alive'. Shot for £100 (& you could tell) it was a bloody good little Mancunian film. (

I'd encourage anyone &everyone to go to this event.

Whilst the films were inspiring, the fashion was ... not.

I saw cowboy boots with white tights, cropped turtle neck jumpers and more bleached denim that I could shake a stick at.

Who said art&fashion were long lost siblings? (damn, I may have, damn)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Pride of Britain VS MTV Europe Music Awards.

Comparing the fashion sights at the Pride of Britain awards & the MTV Europe Music Awards was like comparing Blackpool to Coney Island. We want the tacky-'overdone' look, we embrace the devlishly daring and divine inspiration; we don't want a luke-warm slide show and a kiss me quick hat.

From Eva Longorias insanely monumental amount of changes (the hair!) to Kesha's cheap Ga-Ga immitation and Miley's mammary gland exposure, you couldn't fail to be be both amused and awe-struck at the array of style that just oozed energy and passion for the event.

My personal preferences;

Three. Socialite Hofit Golans wham-bam-thank-you-mam demure yet daring power piece from LFW label Falguni and Shane Peacock. She's always bang on the chic cash.

Two. Pop sensation Rihanna stole the show on and off the stage. Recently shedding her on the verge of tacky, blingy boldness with a twist of Topshop she has truly earnt her place as one of the 'Decades' Best Dressed Newcomers (Vogue). Her attention to detail in uncanny. Her Marchesa dress was a toile-triumph.

One. My ultimate is the newly-wed fash-forward. KP. She consistently left me green with envy at her clothing choices throughout the event, &does at most other events for that matter (whether it be a stylists work or otherwise). Dressed in Jeremy Scott paired with Sergio Rossi slingbacks, her outfit personified the spirit of MTV itself, a child of the 80s, slightly tacky but fucking cool.

Scott has also consistently left my imagination invigorated & whetted my 'wacky' penchant … my homage to the charismatic controversy magnet.

S/S 10

S/S 09

Fast Food collection 2006