Monday, 28 February 2011

Banging. Bang on.

Another day, another builder.

The new abode seems to be inundated with plasterers, lino-fitters, emultioners, matt/gloss painters and electricians. I kid you not. I can't move from my dining room. The bucket in the corner is looking tempting (!)

Thank flip, am off to the MCR Fashion Network Affiliate Marketing event this evening; shall report on my findings. One issue; the site. For an 'in the loop' fashion knowledge laden company, the site simply does not reflect this. Perhaps I'll use my one question to address MFN rather than the panelists (lies).

Today has been a flurry of glamour-grenade launches. The army of fashion-opinionated buzzy-bee-bloggers noting Oscars fashion triumphs and trumps has been almost as unbearable as the medias sickly-sweet relationship with Kate Middleton & her style. I shant add kindle to this bandwagon but I would like to note my most treasured Oscars dress. I still dream of this exquisite eyesore.


The full list of '50 worst ever Oscar dresses' OH contraire.

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  1. I find the oscar outfits so boring. I crave originality and you can usually rely on helena bonham carter for this bt even she has towed the celeb line now :(