Sunday, 27 February 2011

Liver & Onions.

Spend the weekend in Liverpool. Rollercoaster ride of hilarity, delusion, libation (of the alcoholic nature) & lightly whipped banter.

Liverpool 1 is a must, naturally. The climax to our purchase hunt was Cavern Walks, a boutique bonanza. Sublime. I've never desired a whole shop. Genuinely. Until I fell in love with Lola. Lola Loves has stolen my heart & savings (/overdraft).

Next visit planned. Credit card drained.

Clubs visited? Shipping Forecast. Tick. Largos. Tick. Bumper (watch out for thieves). Tick. 3 bars blurring into one? Tick.

&we were only there for 23 hours. Riot.

The accent still grates on me.

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