Monday, 7 February 2011

The Grayson Area.

Manchester. Like an adolescent late bloomer, full of angst, meandering through social cliques; highs through the 'indie too cools', lows in the emo-goth phase and confusion through the rest.

A dolly mixture culture.

I'd say I'm not overly Mancunian in the sense I say 'he' and 'my' rather that 'our kid' but I adore my city. It especially excites me when I capture a fleeting fixture, whether it be a theatre production here for a month or an underground gig for one night only.

I visited the Manchester Art Gallery over the w/e to see the 11 day exhibition; Visual Dialogues featuring Grayson Perry.

I applaud its apt timing and response to the shock news that

Greater Manchester was set to lose £850,000 of Arts Council funding. Though how the slash will affect M.A.G is not yet known.

Featuring Print for a Politician and

Jane Austen in E17 Perry's work was accompanied with eclectic objects, chosen by Creative Consultants to encourage exploration of themes throughout his work. Expertly designed, the small space was dancing to a melody of passion, curiosity and investigation.

Print for a Politician (doesn't do it justice at all. I urge you to visit)

Like his alter ego, Claire*, Perry's work raises the question of acceptance, creative differences and aesthetic appeal. I found it fitting that his use of traditional crafts to comment on modern life as Manchester's own traditional craft material of cotton has taken on a new life; in the minds of retailers and consumers globally.

Oh I do enjoy an emotional and emotive journey instigated by visuals and their own loaded aesthetics.


I'm also being bold and likening MCR to the Print for a Politician, it's a transferable playground ideology; there are the hipsters, the smokers, the models, the socially inept etc. It made me laugh heartily. & I was also amused to hear that George Osborne has a copy in his office.

Mike Amesbury noted

“We believe that visitors to Manchester Art Gallery deserve to see some of the very best art that the world has to offer, and this includes examples of contemporary works such as these recent pieces by Grayson Perry.”

I couldn't agree more. This was the first of Perry's art to visit the North West, I dearly hope this is the first of a long line of big names and talent to grace us with their presence. &vice versa. Naturally.

*I don't want to take credit, but I've met Claire a few times & I consistently mentioned how I felt MCR is an excellent exhibition space.

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