Friday, 11 February 2011

The Business of Paper.

I've been in a flap-tizz. It's a culmination of worry, despair and regret. I ordered some Business Cards in time for Stitch (M/W trade show) from a reputable company (aka, not Vista) over a week ago &as I hopped from foot to foot each (dark) morning, waiting for Posty to deliver goodies he left me bewildered, with a fist full of bills & no joy.

Til today ...

Okay, so one can't read it. The fact remains; they came. I'm excited & need to network.

Death of the business card? PAH. I doubt those who profess this have ever experienced the sheer callow joy that sweeps over on receiving them. Almost as swell as having pencils etched in golden with your title; it didn't even matter if they were the worst colouring utensils ever.

I wish to visit every eatery to pop it in the glass jar next to the till (in the hope of winning a meal obvs).

It's the simple things.

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