Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Filleting a Fish.

MFN (Manchester Fashion Network) put on a darn good talk Monday night; 'The Affiliate Marketing Talk'. The blurb, for want of a better word, was enticing; 'an opportunity for brands, bloggers and PRs to (s)ome* together to learn more about affiliate marketing, how it works and who it can benefit.'

In a sentence? This was a no-nonsense, informative event that did what it said on the tin. With gusto-enhanced-balls.

The three panelists were overly apt; Paul Hurst (online Marketing Manager at Boohoo.com), Justine Goldstraw (affiliate account Manager at R.O.EYE Ltd) and Vicki Day (owner of Fashionable Maven).

Any perspective you were interested in hearing about, they covered. From brands, to portals. Blogging, to company marketing strategies, this was a jam-packed hour, getting to the roots of what affiliate marketing is about. Who it's for. &most importantly how to make a pretty penny from it.

I won't whittle on about what I personally gained from the talk, but I shall note their top tips;

Register everything
Brands want to give you information, work with you, & for you
Small blogs make a difference (!)
Post regularly
Be yourself

The sites to check out if you're interested in affiliate marketing (for want of a less daunting phrase) is linkshare, affiliatesforyou.com and Google analytics

*Yes ... it was a typo.

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