Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I love you, I love you not.

I was in LDN for bleugh day (Valentines). I received no card, was whisked away to a comedy show on a boat (sea-sickness is my affliction) & had to endure stories of 'how we met/we're so loved up/smooch smooch'. All together a vom-romantic day.

I was at the Drapers & Pure event before hand, hosting Stitch menswear & accessory trade show (images & notes to be up shortly). Valentines day was usurped, which I welcomed, as it only heightens my annoyance of flouncy people who seemingly aren't in reality, but in their own idealistic bubbles. (How very bitter of me).

Still, love was all around (hurt typing that). I make like a small girl pulling petals from a bloom ...

I love you
Charlotte Olympia, available at Harrods.

I love you not

Stuart Weitzman, Primerib Patent Sandals, £310. Available at Harrods. Just UGH.

I love you

Julianne Moore at the BAFTAs. Jeez louise, she's 50 & looks better than she did when she was 25. Tom Ford as a date? Nifty.

I love you not

Jennifer Lawrence at the BAFTAs. When did Xena-chic get the stylists salivating?

I love you AND I love you not, it's a fine line. I can't love both. Nor can I simply like both. Ambiguity. Such a snore.fest situation when ambiguity rules the roost.

Rhi-Rhi and Pejic in JPGs haute-couture Wedding dress range Spring 11.

(I'm swaying towards Pejic, it'd be rude not to comply with the rest of the post.)


  1. The Charlotte Olympia shoes are just perfect!

  2. I am in love with the Charlotte Olympia shoes, I keep seeing them in so many publications.

    I am your newest follower