Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Snog. Marry. Avoid. What a fantastically trashy slice of BBC3 visual vomit. &alas alack I have watched around 15 episodes, worst of all, not for research purposes, for general chit-chat purposes; in retail you have to be down with the reality (completely unrealistic) virus' in order to gain custom. Strange.

Still, 'pod-off' is a phrase from the dud &I'm a sucker for a pun.

AND now, I'm a sucker for a pod-cast.

Technology doesn't so much confuse me, it intimidates me. Once I've come to grips with a new app, or another console add-on, there's a new army of gizmos and gadgets ready to declare war on me; willing catch a case of cyberchondria or shop in my tech-savvy chums for technophillia.

At least I know that i-Tunes won't fail me (an ally since 2005); I plug in. Am updated without providing password/finger print identity & am indulged with in a heady punch of comedy, commentary and convivial, littered with music, without the Spotify adverts (snore).

There's one podcast that guarantees to liven up my catwalk to chore; If There's Hell Below.

Like a (blind) fly on the wall, you are transported to a social scene, between two chaps brimming with banter and buzzed about beats. Two men about town who know their psyche from their hype, simply engaging in a light, witty exchange blended with tunes to tantalise the most eclectic of palates, all done with great gusto.

Of Callum & Rob I've known the latter lad for a while now. The usual spiel of 'because you're a friend I'll say your blog&podcast are insane in the membrane' usually ensues, mainly because I don't like to offend people. I've always respected Rob's musical taste, but this ... this is a whirlwind of tangents and trivia that transports the listener into a conversation that teems with energy. On first listen, it's a tad surreal, like the friendship Mel Gibson and Britney Spears, but after a while, the synergy between both presenters banter and track choices becomes apparent.

Starting life in September 2010. Each episode is like a distant cousin from the other; recognisable in energy, but the aesthetics and interests vary; episode 3 may be tall with a receding hairline into scuzzy psych rock, whilst his cousin (episode 4), may also be tall, but he has a moustache and enjoys the dulcet tones of the blues. I couldn't say whether there was a distinct theme each week, I think that'd make it too 'forced reality (audio)TV'. ITHBs beauty is it's raw talent; the ability to take sundry ingredients and create a unique bubble and a squeak, with an unrivaled flavour.

Fountains of knowledge, long live your updating of the only piece of technology I absolutely understand (apart from this 'Ping' thing).

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