Sunday, 16 January 2011

Legs-eleven. 'A wit-woo'.

Today was long.

I enjoy a cut of cold meat. I really do. My lunchtime perk was to be the chicken I started on last night& quite frankly, I was shocked at how such a succulent, creamy, melting white meat can mutate into moistureless grub.

Not one to dwell, that's my last word on the issue, now 6 hours since gone.

I also enjoy a good game of Bingo. Not the big halls, oh no, far too 'clinical' an operation. Church lyceums are the venues for me; (a) I'm the youngest by at least 30 years, (b) at 30p a glass of D.C who wouldn't go? This is where my post title came from, the depths of my yearning &desire to be a geriatric, enjoy typically fogey pursuits & bask the the glory of my grey hair.

&to have owned this in its heyday.

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