Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 22 in the BB House.

With tweets like 'Premium Clothing Brand. Will be sold in Premium Boutiques and online. XXX' I lose that little bit of faith in the both the education system &the direction of high street fashion.

It's Katie Price, AKA Jordan. She's dumped a husband &gained a clothing brand. Day 22. Note, she hasn't actually mentioned the word fashion. Which in my calculations makes it another snore.fest brand rivaling Primark* in consumer appeal but adding an extra '0' onto the price tag.

Slipping into a belly-dancing slash gypsy-lee get up, I look into my crystal ball. &this is what I see;

You know the type. Umpa-lumpa, oddly back-combed bouffant & a pre-occupation with cloggy mascara (holler Snog Marry Avoid).

With the reason behind the name being that the site'll be updated on the 22nd day of the month (sweet Lord) I give it 22 months. &that's being generous.

*this is not to say I'm not an avid Primark fan.

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