Thursday, 13 January 2011


Like selling from the back of a (virtual) van on the wrong side of the wireless frequency, the Chinese wheeler-dealers have stepped up a gear in their tat-producing ability. Sadly it's not a ninth way to wear JML's 'Magic Scarf', but a flurry of tacky, knock-off replica Royal Engagement rings.

Dubbed a 'replica firestorm' (what nitwit came up with that?), the media (&manufacturers) note that every girl can feel like a princess. What tosh.

With titular plates, cups & probable dolls being churned out, it seems gullible Brits are swooning for the Wedding & crazy for commemorative memorabilia. Well, not me. Oh no sir, because I did it the first time, or at least Mother did. That's right, for all my harking on about a $5 replica, my parent, in 1981 purchased a clone & Grandmother snapped up every bit of crockery available to celebrate the nuptials.

Take that Alibaba, this lone girl of her generation will not be credulous to your nickel trinkets; with prevarications such as;

"When they announced their engagement, it was just by chance that I saw their ring on the internet. I felt that this had a great commemorative value and thought there was a good market for the product" Manufacturer, Zouh Mingwang.

cough he saw money signs cough. It does make me think; which Z-list celebrities would endorse such tack?

1. Kerry Katona
2. Kat Slater
3. Snooki

Place your bets.

Well ... with a site name like that what else would you expect to be selling? Watches from a coat?

Despite the world of fashion turning up their noses to such gaudy frippery, we can now, sadly, indulge in a 'tribute' dress. Move over Issa, Tesco can give us the same 'royal' feeling, for £383 cheaper than you.

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  1. Haha love this. I definitely put my bets on Snooki - although she is my favourite from Jersey Shore, her tacky hats and too small dresses make me want to wretch at times.

    I am not so much a fan of the real thing so who on earth would want this piece of plastic? Oh dear.