Wednesday, 12 January 2011

An Ode to the Senior.

Scrunch. Scrunch.
Shuffle upon the tram.
Scrunch scrunch.
Creaky does as creaky feels.
I notice a column shorter than the other, the fashion police whirring into action at the sight of sandal & tights combination. Lethal.
Coiffure of clouds. Sporadic like a childrens perception of the weather.
Tweet tweet.
Canary yellow. Not a social networking sing-song.
Wrinkled handkerchief. Wrinkled complexion.
I wrinkle my nose.
Scrunch scrunch. Alight the tram.

I saw an elderly lady today. Imagine; leather trousers, tights&sandals, canary yellow mac rimmed in leather, topped with a cascade of cauliflower clouds (you know the shade). Pretty much made my day.

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