Thursday, 2 December 2010

Play time for Boys.

On December 8, Christies (London) are holding an auction of 80 snaps from the saucy rag Playboy. Featuring no less than 80 snaps from the lifetime of the notorious publication whose career spans 57 years.

Dubbed the 'Year of the Rabbit' (it's a bloody good logo isn't it) the visuals are, suprisingly stunning. Flaunting top names such as Elle Macpherson (1994), Cindy Crawford (1988) and Marylin Monroe (1953) who starred on the front page of the first ever edition, the auction shadows the 2003 sale for the 50th Anniversary of the risque read.

Director of Corporate Collections at Chrisite's, Cathy Elkies predicted that viewers would be suprised by the sophistication of the collection;

'The unexpected thing is that Playboy really did marry fine, high-quality art with the traditional photographs of women. What will pique people's interest is that when you open the catalogue, you realise that this is pretty serious.' (Daily Mail)

If I had the revenue (cough, cough) to purchase just one, it'd be this; the 1996 front cover starring Stacey Sanchez. Imagine that in your living room. Gee whiz.

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