Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Pinch, punch, first of the month.

Retail therapy, it's a jungle. An assault course of target-hungry sales assistants, teetering accessory stands and those annoying hangers that refuse to grip certain clothing.

Still … it has some therapeutic elements, yes?

I'm in that seasonal predicament (I'm not talking about the dreaded snow); brave the high street in search of gifts or take the easy route and click onto the virtual one. But which is more dangerous for my little Visa?

Currently working in a luxury store, the ambience is sophisticated, with an air of elegance about it. However, the price point I'm looking for is sadly found in starkly-lit, fabric swamps that some people cleverly dub the epitome of fast (trash) fash. But when I hear of collaborations forming locally and across the pond (eg Lagerfeld and Target) combined with the annex of delightful brands popping up nearby (quite literally in Timex's case) my heart swells with desire and my appetite for purchasing on and off line reaches a deliriously manic point.

Using my plastic-fantastic, I'm in a purchasee paroxysm, ecommercee euphoria &I earn less than a doormouse from Disney'ss Robin Hood.

Splat. Pinch, punch, first of the month.

With too many events I'veclicked 'attending' on to comprehend. I think I'll let it slip my mind that I have internet banking. Tis the season to bury ones head in the sand.

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