Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hulanicki's affiar with fast-paced George.

Is Babs a sellout?

After slating Biba's relaunch for House of Fraser (bitter taste alert) Hulanicki has collaborated with Asda to create a 12 piece range.

"I always find everyone who buys it [the Biba trademark] thinks of it as couture, but I think it is more like Woolworths - which is what it was always meant to be," says Hulanicki. "[The House of Fraser collection] is too expensive. The prices [at Asda] are just amazing. These will really be Biba prices. F*** you [House of Fraser]." (

I cannot tell a lie. I'm lusting after a few Biba pieces, but with the accessibility of the George collection, surely it's no contradiction to do both.

I'm coveting these (below) images currently & as of 11am tomorrow I should, weather permitting (tennis racket snow boot contraptions also at the ready) I should be able to report on the feel & realistic look of the collection. With most items under £25. Why the diddles not.

Animal Print Bow Dress

Drape Dress

Wide Leg Trouser

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