Monday, 6 December 2010

Bawdy Burlesque in Manchester.

With a double-mission to nurture the emergence of the professional Burlesque industry and to 'raise the barre' for the growing scenes. The Ministry of Burlesque came to the Lowry (Manchester) last night to titilate, arouse curiosity and provide a piece of blue Victoriana satire on a benumbing Sunday evening.

Taking my rather naive Mother, we dined alongside corset-clad ladies, unable to overt our eyes from the assembley of jiggling mammary glands. Arriving at the intimate venue, there were 15 round tables, seating 8 audience members each. A mixed-bag, the gay community out in force, strategically placed couples of varying ages and groups, much like mother &I who had no idea what they were in for.

Aptly named Victorian Values, the lewd cabaret was an exploration of 19th Century, suprise suprise Victorian values. A unique series of witty, provocative and traditional (&non-trditional) burlesque was complimented with a compere who epitomised energy, surrounded by an air of Russell Brandand blessed with a sharp tongue to put Joan Rivers to shame.

Contemporary puns were countered with rich past satire. With one question underlining the entire show; 'Have we lost our Victorian values? Or, have we simply misplaced them in time?'.

I'm on the fence as to whether it did address the question noted, or suggest any answers, but the show was a hoot. An all singing, all dancing hoot. My Mother's complexion has only just shed it's beetroot resem
blance &it was the perfect (bawdy) remedy to a long day of retail slog.

Writing of Burlesque, which performer enchants you and why?

It's a toughie I will admit. I've chosen Immodesty Blaize. The Goddess is the creme de la creme of tease. A string of high profile event appearances, a novelist and strong female icon. Classic.

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