Thursday, 16 December 2010

Can you dig it man?

The festive season. The low lights that are commonly mistaken for highlights; works party, NYE & wishing people a Merry Christmas when you loathe the very sight of them.

Bitter? Moi? Naturally.

My personal highlights of the season; going to afternoon tea at the Hilton with my charming bum-chums to swap presents, watching the look of horror when my very serious, manly 20 year old brothers name is called out to receive a present from 'Santa' on Christmas day and the ideaof NYE.

I've conducted a (biased) survey of what the fascination is about New Years eve. Most of those probed noted that it's an excuse to get horrendously blottoed &not have to work the next day. I would not exactly put this is the 'pro' section.

By jobe I think she has it! A themed NYE. 7 decades to choose from. Dress to impress & bring an appropriate blast from the past party piece.

Velvet jumpsuit. Check.
Turban. Check.
Platforms. Check.
Blue eyeshadow. Check.
Fondue set. Check.

Grace Slick. What a babe.

The thing is, I already own (and wear) this 70s paraphernalia, as well as items from all other decades. Snowballs at the ready, steady, bleugh.

It's gonna be like, so bogue. PSYCHE!

Farrah, you bunny.

Who wouldn't want Willy at your themed do'?

What are everyone elses NYE plans? &is it okay that I sort of hate that we have t decide so early?

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  1. I have zero plans- not a big NYE they're so alti-climatic agreed.

    Love those 70s platforms- I recently invested in these:

    they make me look like a giant!