Monday, 11 October 2010

Who Wants to tire of Caviar?

Who wants to be a Millionaire? ... I do.

I want flashy flunkeys & to wallow in champagne.

If I'm honest however, I'd just like to walk. It's such a snore fest being stuck in a wheel chair, feeling quite the geriatric & gaining far too many (sympathetic) stares.

If I had the ability to walk I'd like the following process to come to fruition; walking leads to needing shoes, and needing shoes requires a shopping trip which means an A/W style wardrobe bonanza. End.

Now, if I were a millionaire also? I would n'er bore of traipsing from store to store; embracing luxury and high street, brands in their infancy and heritage laden brands, classic fashion and fast fashion alike (or maybe I'd be a tad biased towards the classics, cough 2.5 Chanel).

To see relatively unknown brands launching in the UK always rings my investigative bell; whether it be in the form a pop-up shop (Pamela Hogg was my recent favourite) or a concession, such as Hi Panda, launching in Harvey Nics at the end of October. A heady cocktail of intrigue, fascination and awe clouds my judgement. My insomnia proves almost a blessing as I can research the brand, the values and the 'vibe'. I need to see it, feel it, touch it and feel the excitement that the Press Release said I would (yes, I am a sucker to propaganda). This one has tickled my fancy, not just because I have no limits to how many Hello Panda treats I can consume (discovered when at HKFW 2008), but because the brand is wearable, fresh and has also been given the thumbs up from the creme de la creme of editors (apologies Alexandra) Anna Wintour.

If the sell out at Paris' effortlessly cool Colette is anything to go by, I best skidaddle on down &feel like a Japanese school-girl/Haruhi character (similar thing, no?).


I can't keep my anticipation under wraps for the unknown (to the masses) brands to launch under the wings of stores with reputations that precede them. Or pop up to tantalise my purchase passion.

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