Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sickly Meringue Pie.

Just Style has introduced a new logo. Can't say I'm sure whether it's an improvement or not. As for the website, it's old school to be polite.

Occasionally the mood to rifle through back catalogues takes me by suprise. And on this restless afternoon that's exactly what it did.

An article on Alfred Angelos new venture tickled my fancy.

Remember when our ambition to be Disney princesses was all that consumed us? Watching the greats; Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin. & just assuming our Prince Charming's would rock up in a few years?

Having mice & rodents seamstresses to take off some of the pressure of a home made dress ...

Talking to crockery about the woes of sharing the house with a Jekyll and Hyde type of guy ...

Remember when that fairy tale dream ended?

We may all hold onto our memories fondly, however some 'princesses' never grow up. Cue Alfred Angelo, founded in the 1930s AA is now one of the worlds leading wedding dress makers, collaborating with Disney to launch a collection of gowns 'for women who grew up dreaming of a fairy tale wedding'. We're not talking fancy dress here. I wish. There's a video to prove it.

Snow White (apparently)

Jasmine inspired dress (nice magic carpet)

Strangely, no pink, sparkles, wand attachments or fairy godmothers attached. Not even a meringue extraordinaire fest, pains me to say they're quite wearable. Which made me look beyond the concept. Disney. With a wedding at Disneyland being over $12,000. I think this is the only slice of Disney Wedding pie most middle aged princesses are going to consume.

I'm reliving my memories … 90s nostalgia is the bomb (ref). & to clarify, Barbie is exempt from my critical cranky typing.

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  1. Is it sad that I would quite like to own a tamagotchi again ?