Monday, 11 October 2010

Popping out to get milk ...

Thats Llama milk, from Jeffreys.

On a recent trip to NY, I discovered, the grocery Yahweh. En route to the Met, I stopped in to get a coffee (naturally said in an OTT NY accent).

The Upper West Side schools had finished for the day & as
the sprogs dispersed, I've never seen so many Marc Jacobs, Mulberrys and Mcqeen totes, scarve and trinkets! It was at that moment, I knew Gossip Girl was no dramatisation.

As nannies stopped off for a lobster roll and perhaps a whimsically decorated cakes for their luggage, I had one question ... Waitrose who?

New Jeffreys open 172 Waverly Pl.

Fashion = presentation. Whether it be in apparel or food. It ALMOST topped off Harrods Food Hall and Libertys' Oyster Bar. But I'm patriotic like that.

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