Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Jewellery Takes People's Minds off your Wrinkles.

Well said Sonja.

Sunday saw me being wheeled by my ever-dependable lover boy to The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. Despite my shock at his placing me behind a buggy as I was 'in the way', I quickly lost the attitude when I was visually stimulated by everything in my eye-line (in the chair and on crutches if you please). I wrote about it for Tout Nouveau

There was a brand spanking new section for Great Northern Graduates. They certainly filled the boots of this impressive title. Cherry picked by Kelda Savage, these are thee names to watch out for.

The area was electric -the energy almost tangible. Despite being on crutches, even my spirits were lifted. The excitement at showcasing such a variety of techniques, ideas, inspiration and media was the perfect addition to the fair. These new designers work was displayed in such synergy whilst maintaining their own unique attributes to the area.

In terms of what I desire and hanker after, there was one clear winner. Her name? Grace Hamilton. Her work? To die for.

Straight from Vogue, Harpers, ID, POP, the works. This work's one suave kitty-katcollection. With claws.

It got me thinking. I love jewellery with attitude, enough pretentiousness to lure the fash-pack veterans but enough likability to cause a Topshop totty stir demanding a replica 'like, totally quick yah?'

The Ultimates;

Alexis Bittar

Tom Binns

Pamela Love

Lucy Hutchings

Eddie Borgo
&also Mawi, but I'm not having it as an ultimate yet.

New life plan; covet jewelry, ignore bills.

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