Saturday, 28 January 2012

Weak Title.

There are too many grey areas in life. I'm sectioning into what irks & what works. This past few days;


Band wagon birds of a feather diets. Bet you a tenner she'll be back up in 5 months, on Daybreak, talking of her 'new plan'. Yo-yo - no-no.

Olympic Mascot. Horrified.

Jane bloody Beale (Eastenders) having the same coat as me. Get me wardrobe on the line. Toss-pots.

London Transport. I had to jump ship on 3 separate modes due to 'Technical Failures'. I'll technical failure you in a minute conductor.


The delicious designers are Simpson-ised. Divine. See the motley crew here.

The letter to Sainsburys from a toddler. Read full story here. Cockles of heart warmed slightly.

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