Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Paper Trail.

That awkward moment when a housemate (disliked) jumps into the bathroom whilst you gather your towel in hand. Frustrating.

I was in the gym for 7, I've gone from feeling smug to deprived of my extra hour in bed.

Still, working 11-8, couldn't be classed as a way to make a living. Another awkward schedule I'd like to remedy. The nature of retail. Retail schme-tail.

Flicking aimlessly through the virtual pages of the Daily Mail (judge) I can't see the wood for all the bloody celebri-trees. I don't want hardcore political, or economical pounding, just a light summary littered with images. I couldn't care less about yo-yo Katona, who's left TOWIE (lie) or the pathetic attempts to explain why Wozza stole some cheese.

The paper's a snorefest. Still tomorrows fish papers. Are they allowed to do that anymore?

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