Thursday, 5 January 2012


Yesterday was Braille day. I have a blind aunt. I never realised she was blind as Mother always taught us to treat her like a very special person because she wore glasses and walked differently.

I recall giving her a birthday present about 14 years ago. It was a white handbag. She thanked me for the black purse & it hit me. She only had 10% sight. It's now 0% and it breaks my heart.

My Aunt Margaret Mary. Blind and unable to walk or communicate effectively.

On a lighter note, I asked her recently if she'd like to learn Braille. She replied that she's far too busy at the day centre; not only does she have daily massages, but is a keen cook, artist and avid shopper. In the past year she has sampled pizza and pasta for the first time. Aged 54. In her opinion latte's should be priced at £1.

Just one of the gaggle.

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