Sunday, 22 January 2012

Figs & Date.

Vague dating tips of the day.

Bring one bag. Keys, money, lipstick. That's it.
You might drink a drop too much & think you've lost that integral lipstain you cannot live without. Cue extracting all items from bag(s), including the other 4 lipstains you have, container you pop your soup in (unwashed), keyring you've never used but have a damn 'good' story about and a picture your 5 year old cousin drew for you.

Don't bring a purse.
If, like me, you keep every receipt, picture, cinema stub and teeny photograph, you should just bring your bank card, or better still a rounded figure that'll see you through the night. Like I said keys, money, lipstick. Otherwise, you may end up going through every little detail; how much your weekly shop is (item by item) and how you managed to get a school picture of your mother from 40 years ago ...

You're not on 'This is Your life'
Even if you feel a connection with said date, do not mention how you knew no music (bar Irish rebellion) pre 1997, how your parents told you your dog had died when in fact you weren't capable of looking after her, and a word to the wise, telling a date how your father left your mother is not acceptable. At least for the first year. Or never at all.

Hurdles. Line em up & watch me tumble.

This is by no means a full list. Scratching the surface more like.

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