Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Soup a soup, a tasty soup.

Croutons, croutons, carrot and corriander, Crunchy friends in a liquid broth. Ah Mighty Boosh. (video)

A bop here, a swig there, broken toe & an insatiable appetite for pea & mint soup. Sums up my weekend well.

I'm a fan of the sixties. Fact.
I went through a period of donning attire produced between 62&66. Fact.
Cilla is my hero. Fact.

The heaven of Madame Jojos not only hosts Tranny Shack but each Saturday Soho is ablaze with the nonpareil in polyester from the dearest decade of them all. Jubilant doesn't cover my temperament that evening. Intoxicated from the ambience. Thats a first.

Retail remains draining and dreary to boot. Interviews lined up like clay pigeons.

If I weren't in PR I'd think about dedicating my life to soups. I'm rather adventurous (chocolate & beetroot for example). The best tomato one I encountered was in Gretna Green. I cannot recall why I was there.

Still, this'll do for the moment;

Selfridges' comes to the rescue. You little beauties.

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