Thursday, 17 November 2011


I'm pretty much over FB. It's too promotionally orientated.

I posted the following status a few minutes ago;

Work experience / internship debate on Radio 2. Companies may say they employ candidates from all walks of life. Lies. The life walks of these interns have have been funded by the bank of M&D, & even then it takes them 2/3 years to get a full time job in their chosen field. Not what you know, it's who you know. Would LVMH choose an applicant with the postcode SW3, or SE13? It'll never change.

I had 21 'likes'.

On a lighter note, I came back from Manchester last night. It was easier that last time. Hard to leave what/who you love, but encouraging when you see another love of yours at the end of the tunnel.

Points make prizes.

Off to the Carnaby Street and Grazia shopping party later, 20% off & all that jazz. My new company are not doing nibbles or drinks, they said it's outdated. Is it?

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