Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Day One.

I've been interning on and off for 24 months (sounds shorter than 2 years). It's had it's extreme highs, and abyss-like lows.

I wouldn't swap it. Yet, I want more. Extracting the callousness, I see those from my past gaining permanent positions of note & I think, fuck. How did this happen? I have skillz (!); I am the PR Assistant package; first one in, last one out, knowledge of each facet of the public relations industry and I remain an intern.

Life is cruel.

Still, I'm leaving my current mundane, yet kooky, role for a challenge. From frying a goldfish to a carp.

It's with a relatively new boutique on Kingly Court. I'm the PR.

I like the sound of it.

Downside is it's unpaid & I'm the PR. The sole PR.

I've ideas, plans for look books, social media and press coverage. Yet, my contacts and complete know-how lack.

Either way, I don't like fish. I prefer bacon.

Plus this Greek sonny jim said a while back; 'You gotta have faith'. Bring it.

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