Friday, 12 August 2011

Darling Buds of May.

Since May 23

Spent a short time in Blackpool; home to the hens & stags, tacky as a travellers wedding & inhabitants (not to tar every Blackpoolian with the same brush) resembling Wayne & Waynetta slob.

Jumped upon my soapbox about the riots, copping an eyeful of the Mancunian rats involved. I can't convey how utterly saddened I was by their mindless desecration. If I was offered just 3 good reasons or suggestions as to why they committed such unprovoked pillage I could pop on down to the pavement. Disillusioned youth? Pah.

Moved back to London. Indeed, I've skipped back to the capital, only 2 days ago. With the intentions of pursuing internships whilst working at a well known retailer on Regent Street.

Reviewing; art, films, fashion

Writing; Press Releases, site content and pretty letters (if only to practice my handwriting)

The next few posts will demonstrate I've been cantering along North, with the aim to gallop South, yet win the race. Determination.

By Phuong Quoc Tri, 'Determination'

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