Monday, 15 August 2011

Up & Beyond.

Less than a week in London & I've an internship at Beyond Retro.

My PR career has had seen me gain positions with weight & others that have had me part of a gaggle of eager interns desperate to land that first (paid) role.

The crucial point is that whether one has an internship with gravitas, or one that may not seem so integral to the Press Office, you still have to strive. Determination to demonstrate ability and aptitude still applies, and is key to buoyancy and impressing the right people.

Beyond Retro, offers 'the biggest, leading selection of handpicked vintage clothing to style conscious shoppers'.

I'm placed at the store just off Brick Lane. An abundance of trinkets, jewels & a hoarders cathedral. Effortlessly dapper, which in such a location is a novelty in itself.

Within 20 minutes Matt Horne had asked me where bumbags were. From the look of those glasses he was donning, he needs to invest in bifocals. Following this hoopla it was a day filled with press appointments & the dreaded docket search, bloody loved it.

A sign of things to come perhaps. I do hope.

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