Sunday, 14 August 2011

Press Release Example

A press release I wrote for a friends start-up company, 'One by One'. A brand with a vision, attitude and a passion for its cause. I predict big things.

Synergising the Fashion Tribes.

Bold graphic designer sets sights on uniting trend tribes.

In todays style-religious culture, when designers attempt to fuse the invisible aesthetic barriers of fashion tribes, it's usually as effective as the governments coalition. As far as fashion politics go, you're troupe is either rad or a fad. However, one young graphic designer is pushing boundaries and taking the tribes on, with a vision to unite the distinguished sects … one by one.

Manchester born Joshua Felton has worked in mid-luxe retail for almost a decade, and on seeing how culture choices limit apparel choices he has taken the humble t-shirt and transformed it into a radical vehicle of synergy between notorious culture rivals. Starting with street wear and the alternative scenes. Imagining an Emo in an oversized basketball top? Think again …

With a CV filled with graphic design work for global brands, Felton has a keen eye, both for graphic design and fashion. Embracing his own passions, he has expressed his cultural awareness through his emotive, progressive illustrations under his label 'One by One'.

Combining the heritage and prestige of a quality streetwear brand, Josh aims to inject the risk element of a true alternative scene, 'I want One by One to be a concept, a streetwear brand around which a lifestyle can develop. One by one means to stand alone, to take risks and to take the path less travelled, the designs reflect this; original, bold and individual'.

Available from August 2011, this brand has a zeitgeist, unrivalled in the streetwear sector.For information, products or images, please contact Joshua Felton:

COVERAGE RECEIVED: featured in 10 online publications, 2 printed.

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