Thursday, 16 February 2012

Iams. Not just for cats.

If you pop a 'Will' over the top it's a surname. Splash a little Michelle into the mix & you've a star.

From Dawsons Creek to present, she's not always got it right (who the honk has?). I feel that the media really appreciate her for her fashion ineptness, without emotional baggage. Wise move with My Week with Marilyn, even wiser fashion choices moving on from its release. No snore-inducing gushing chronological back-tracking; a simple top 4. From 2012.

From last nights Paris premiere, in Dior. Naturally. Article image from Daily Mail.

BAFTA awards gown, economic in H&M. Sure it wasn't off the peg, but flip it. Grazia had the scoop.

Golden Globe Awards, Jason Wu. A wit-wu. Image from

Venice Film Festival, wu-wu-wu. Jason, couture custody for you push-pop. Fab Sugar ref again.


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