Saturday, 5 March 2011

T4 Testosterone.

I went to the GQ & Selfridges SS event on Thursday evening in MCR. Wrote about it for Manchester's Finest (opinions welcome)

Highlights X 5

1. Gladiator sandals for men. Really Kurt Geiger? Truly French Connection? This is MCR, not Milan.

2. Free Coke, vodka-tonic, Makers Mark and beer? Tick
3. Selfridges are too slick to comprehend
4. Jameela Jamil is Goddess like. An individual who genuinely lights up a room/whole floor of fashion

5. When males make an effort, I melt like crayons in the back of a hot car. Wowzers.

3 days later & I daren't think about the testosterone flying about that floor. Straight or otherwise there were some delightful sights. The clothes were pretty flash as well.

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