Monday, 1 July 2013

Anew. A New. Ah Knew. Atichoo.


Last day as a 'Client Relations Manager' for a boutique Law firm, Manchester. 
Parting gifts; Aspinal of London iPad case - swishy, Jo Malone (Pommey Noir - yum) and various gubbins one would associate with my new career choice. The departure libations came quick, fast and packed a punch. Venturing to my current watering hole of choice, Grinch, I was treated to gin grins, bubbly beguilement & general drink delights. I almost shed a tear.


Started the day wondering why, so often, I insist on drinking on an empty stomach. Ignoring such familiar woe, I bopped to Sounds of the Sixties instead. Bloody marvellous. 
Sitting, standing and reclining was the order of the day. Beverage here, snooze there. Fixing a Mexican feast early evening, male and I watched Almost Famous - cracking flick. Indie enough to satisfy the most ardent of anti-Hollywood mainstream, but not entirely out of the realms of relatable. One criticism - Kate Hudson plays a 16 year old. Right.


Mexican regrets.
Power walk remedy.
Hummus heave-hoe. That's the way (ah ha, ah ha) I like it (ah ha, ah ha).

Visited The Lowry exhibition space to see 'Unseen Lowry' and ''My Generation' - perhaps not logically
placed together - but that's by the by.

Wandered down to Media City - specifically The Dock Grill where we played Jenga, had a burger, can of Ting & listened to the Werneth Concert Band.

Attempted to watch Flakes. Claimed to have remained awake throughout (lies) & now cannot comment on the film - if but to say, both films featured Zoey Dechanel - flipping chameleon that one. 


New career - Teaching Assistant. TA. Not Territorial Army. Partial similarities. 

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