Monday, 4 June 2012


I like receiving cards. 
I really do.

but 'To Victoria, from X' doesn't cut the mustard. 

In our hungover states of perpetual hatred, a friend and I bandied around a few tough love card greetings & cackled throughout. 

Break a leg (No, really you bitch).
Good luck (you'll need it).
You're leaving. End of message.
On your engagement (I give it a year).
Sorry to hear of your loss (was I left anything in the will?).
Marriage: years of heartache, mediocre sex, and giving a woman your house.
New home. Hope the psycho in the ceiling isn't murderous.
New job. Same shit. 
You can recover now, I've already taken your job.
Happy Anniversary. I hate you.


Mo Wang, entrepreneur. 

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