Thursday, 15 September 2011

Imagine '33' in an Irish Accent.

Since 29 August. 33 days ago. Jeepers.

I've been working 2 jobs & feel like I could be an honorary member of City High. Perhaps without the rock smoking, stripper, child combination. Meh, I'll plump for being an honorary member of The Beatles, as I have in fact been working like a dog.

33 days in 33 words:
Working; 2 jobs: Hobbs (Team Leader) & Beyond Retro (PR)
Walking; behind snappy-happy tourists
Listening; Moira Stuart 'Strong & Sassy'
Recalling; what a 'day off' feels like.

This isn't a complaint as I adore being busy. Yet the term 'day of rest' elicits on my mind quite mockingly.

Images I've enjoyed include;

A WWI US Army Infantry military jacket came into Beyond Retro.
Priced at £170, it has all original features, including a terribly itchy fabric.

A debate broke out as to whether this image is of the jackets original owner (I like to believe it is indeed)

The Start Up Britain bus campaign; I went. For 2 minutes & found it all very against start up. I may voice my opinions at the next one (!)

On Cheshire Street (off Brick Lane) this plimsole shop exists. In all its magnificence. I've seen a flat capped older male residing there. I've yet to pluck up the courage to enquire about his powerful marketing expertise.

Stroud Green, Finsbury Park. Taken 3 weeks ago, double rainbow. Deliciously precious.

Dined at Le Mercury, Islington. I've ne'r written about my food fancies on this blog before but GEE WHIZ, this was off the richter scale. Comes highly recommended, in both piquant and purse terms.

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